With wing backs an important part of the formation Watford head coach Rob Edwards like to play, it was interesting that in pre-season he moved Hassane Kamara from the left, where he has played before, out to the right.

That is where he played on Monday night, and Edwards said he is confident the Frenchman can play on either flank.

“Hassane is an incredibly unselfish individual. He’s just happy on the pitch, and he’s equally comfortable and able to play on both sides,” said Edwards.

“I do think it’s good for us to have balance, and we have Jeremy Ngakia who, because he’s had one or two little tweaks in pre-season, hasn't been able to get the minutes we would have liked. But he does give us balance on the right.

“Hassane and Ken Sema have both been excellent in pre-season and their threat is obvious. We’ll get even more out of them as we build and grow together.

“As well as their attacking capabilities, I like the way they can get back and get into their defensive shape really quickly too.

“I thought we saw a lot of good moments from both Hassane and Ken against Sheffield United, not just from an attacking point of view but also from a defensive aspect.”