The actual amount of new investment generated by Watford’s digital equity offer has broken through the £3.8m barrier a month after it was launched.

However, that is still significantly short of the £17.5m of shares made available by the club.

At 8am this morning, the figure of money actually invested in the offering stood at £3,813,047.

That sum has risen by approximately £26,500 in the last seven days.

The amount that has actually been generated and invested in the scheme can be tracked in real time on the website of Seedrs (, which is the English arm of the American company Republic, who are Watford’s partners in the venture.

The amount in dollars shown on is higher because it reflects not only the sum actually invested but also adds in commitments/pledges that have not yet come to fruition.

That’s why the number you can see on the Republic site, which at 8am this morning was $6,608,998 (equivalent to £5,175,572), is more than the actual amount invested that is shown on the Seedrs website.

This suggests that around £1.36m of money committed to the new digital equity offering has not yet actually been invested and remains as a pledge.

Of course, with time still left before the offer closes, that remaining amount of pledged money could still be turned into actual investment.

Similarly, there are still five weeks left for more investors to come forward and get involved.

The £3.81m actually raised so far is 21.7% of the club’s £17.5m target, and has come from 2,604 different investors.

That means the average amount spent per investor is around £1,470.

As things stand, investors and supporters can sign up and commit to purchase any amount of shares.

It is not a binding commitment though, so those who express an interest and commit a potential amount to invest can honour the amount they have pledged, reduce it or step away from the share purchase altogether.

There are still 35 days left for anyone who wishes to take part in the digital equity scheme to register their interest.