Souvenir t-shirts celebrating the moment Lloyd Doyley scored the first goal of his career could enjoy a second run after the initial supply failed to meet the overwhelming demand from fans.

Two hundred of the yellow t-shirts featuring the defender's celebrations after his goal against QPR went on sale at the Vicarage Road Stadium shop before Saturday's 1-0 defeat to Derby.

And they were quickly snapped up by supporters eager to say “they were there” when Doyley broke his duck.

Another 150 requests for the t-shirt were also taken and club officials are now deciding whether to order more.

Michael Jones, head of customer sales, said he wasn't surprised by the demand for the shirts.

He said: “It is great to have the demand there but it was very much an impulse purchase because of the emotion from the victory over QPR. With this in mind we ordered a quantity that we expected to sell out, on the understanding that we would take provisional orders for more should we need to do so.

“I think the retail provision needs to be a bit more fun and this t-shirt was an example of how it can be. At the same time it gave us an opportunity to acknowledge how happy we all were for Lloyd who has been an excellent professional for this club.

“I think in the moments after he scored we witnessed the ultimate in connection between fans in the stand and their team on the pitch which was wonderful for everyone to be part of.”