Watford Supporters Trust has decided not to sell its shares to Watford FC Limited in a bid to “help keep public accountability and transparency”.

The statement read: "Following our recent request to meet the new owners, we are pleased to have received a positive response and are currently exploring mutually convenient dates for a meeting in the next three to four weeks.

“Watford Supporters Trust (WST) has taken the decision to retain and not sell our own individual or WST shares.

“WST believe it important for fans to retain a shareholding to help keep public accountability and transparency. This is consistent with the thrust of the proposals being discussed by the current government enquiry into the governance of football clubs in the UK.

“In the past, a number of WST members have proxied their shareholdings to the Trust. If we can retain our shareholdings, we would welcome the opportunity to continue the proxy of our members' shares to help maximise fans involvement with the club."