Hello everyone and I hope you are all reading this in the warm as it that time of year when winter draws on. I am still holding off putting on my long johns and thermal socks but my muscles and joints are telling me my days of sitting in my garden are over for several months.

You know, writing a weekly column for 40 years on basically the same subject is not that easy as I sometimes have no idea what to write about. If I am lucky a star of yesteryear kicks the bucket so I can write about them but otherwise like this week I going to simply write whatever comes into my mind, though the editor and legal department will ensure I am limited, unlike the national press.

I am a little concerned with the present day media focus on naming and shaming celebrities. I totally support exposing anyone who has hurt another human being mentally or physically. However, I feel we must be wary of judging people today for things they may have done decades ago when standards were certainly different. It is true that in the old days we used to protect celebrities as they were valuable to showbusiness and the media played along as it suited them.

Does anyone remember back in 1985 when Hollywood star Rock Hudson was dying of Aids and exposed as being gay? The media had known about his private life throughout his career but covered it up. Decades later, George Michael was arrested in a public toilet in Los Angeles, yet by that time it seem to make him even more popular.

What surprises me is that no legendary pop stars have been the source of media interest, while in years gone by they would boast about drug taking and groupies, sometimes only teenagers.

I am not sure whether it is the media, driven to sell papers or television time, or the general public who are deeply concerned. I am also concerned that we return to the rule of law, in which that you are innocent until proven guilty, and not trial by media.

I could name a number of stars of yesteryear who were not what the public think they were, but to what purpose? I imagine the same applies to some popular names today but the media seem to choose who they care to 'expose' .

Anyway, let us move to a lighter subject and look at the television ratings for Saturday night viewing. It is wonderful to see the Elstree-made BBC show Strictly Come Dancing so high in the ratings. I can't get a ticket to attend the live show but love watching it. I am sure everyone knows the results show transmitted on Sundays is actually recorded after the Saturday show, making it a long night for the audience. I think it is great family entertainment.

By contrast you could not pay me to watch the ITV rival show The X Factor as I would rather watch paint dry. Back in 2006 I hosted a plaque unveiling ceremony with Simon Cowell at Elstree Studios. At the time I congratulated him for the success of his show. Now 11 years later if I met Simon I would tell him to stop flogging a dead horse as such a small minority of the population bother to watch the same dull old thing. ITV cling on as they seem devoid of ideas but there is a time to pull the plug. Millions of pounds spent on a tired old formula rather than seeking new ideas? To me that is just lazy but what do I know? If you enjoy the show, don't shoot me.

Finally I hear that they are reviving Dancing On Ice, no doubt as an easy win for overpaid television executives. Alas, the show will not be shot at its former home Elstree Studios due to lack of space. I urge the Elstree Studio board and its owner Hertsmere Council to get those new sound stages built. I urged the same thing back in 1999 when I was chairman of the Elstree Studios Partnership and we built the highly successful Lucas stages, on one of which Strictly Come Dancing is filmed.

Well that is enough from me, so until next time take care.