People are being asked to share their views on proposals to change school admissions arrangements.

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) proposes to amend the wording and definition of ‘Nearest School’ for first, infant, primary, junior and middle community schools to include all schools and academies.

This will be regardless of status and the only exception will be if the school prioritises applications and allocates places on the basis of faith.

There are also plans to update fraud detection procedures to reduce the number of fraudulent addresses put forward.

And the Published Admission Number (PAN) at Watton-at-Stone Primary and Nursery School could change from from 34 to 30 for schools and families based in the relevant area of Hertford and Ware only.

Terry Douris, responsible for education at HCC, said: “We would welcome the views of parents on these proposals, which aim to ensure we continue to have clear and fair admission arrangements.

“Parents who wish to comment on the admission arrangements for schools which set their own rules can do so through the governing bodies of those schools.”

Local Authorities must consult publicly when changes are proposed to existing admission arrangements and where it is proposed to lower a school’s PAN.

HCC will also consult the individual governing body of each community and voluntary controlled school in Hertfordshire on the proposal to maintain or raise the PAN for their school.

You can view the proposals and give your views at from 20 November until 5 January 2018.

PANs for all community and voluntary controlled schools in Hertfordshire for 2019/20 are available at this website.

You can also view the proposals for admission arrangements at schools and academies responsible for their own admissions.