In February, it was announced that a popular park would be enjoyed “for generations to come” after a national campaign secured protection from future developments. Westfield recreation ground in Harpenden was one of more than 100 fields set up by the Carnegie UK trust from 1927-35 which had been thought ‘lost’ to risks of development and regeneration.

A man whose middle name is Superman has broken a world record for the largest collection of memorabilia dedicated to the world’s favourite superhero.

Marco Zorzin moved to the UK in 1996, aged nine, and now lives with his wife Karine and daughters Lana and Lara in Davys Close, Wheathampstead.

Pupils at St Albans High School for Girls created their own Enigma machines and learned about identifying security risks.

The school’s Cyber Security Day provided Year 9 students a chance to learn about cyber security and possible career options in the industry.

And a Royal Navy warship, HMS St Albans, escorted a Russian aircraft carrier and support ships through the English Channel.