As the yeardrew to a close, archaeologists uncovered the burial site of a lost 15th Century Abbot.

Members of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust have been working at St Albans Cathedral ahead of the construction of a new Welcome Centre. During an excavation of a brick-lined tomb within a building pre-dating the Monk’s Cemetery, they found the body of an aged adult male. Also discovered were three papal seals - known as papal bulls - inside the grave, believed to have been issued by Pope Martin V (1417-1431).

St Albans District Council has denied it will “lose control” of decisions about its local plan through Government intervention. The council will begin consulting on its strategic local plan over where 16,000 new homes will be built.

And the city’s Deputy Mayor took part in a sleepout to raise money to reduce homelessness. Cllr Jamie Day braved a night’s cold conditions for the St Albans Sleepout at Oaklands College.