ONE of St Albans' MEPs is calling on opponents of the Lisbon Treaty to intensify their fight to include "civil disobedience".

Jeffrey Titford, an East of England MEP for the UK Independence Party, has issued a press release calling for tougher action as conventional tactics aren't working.

In a speech to the Freedom Association, he said: "It may even be necessary for our cause to have a martyr, someone of a high profile who is prepared to go to jail to show how repressive the European Union has become.

"It is clear that normal methods of opposition through parliamentary process on both sides of the Channel are not going to be enough."

However, challenged by the St Albans Review on whether he was asking his constituents to break the law, he said he was merely asking for more vigorous demonstrations.

Critics of the Lisbon Treaty such as Mr Titford argue it gives away too many powers to the European Union and jeopardises Britain's independence.