Police have said they will stop vehicles passing through a bus lane, after a man living nearby took the law into his own hands. 

In an email sent to Neighbourhood Watch members, Hertfordshire Constabulary said its officers will be stopping vehicles passing through the Leavesden interchange bus route, following "complaints from residents".

Any vehicle seen by officers driving through the no entry sign will be reported for consideration to receive three points on their licence and a £100 fine. 

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It comes after the Watford Observer reported that Paul Groves repeatedly stood in the middle of the bus lane, accessed off Leggatts Way/North Western Avenue and leading to the A41-A405 roundabout, to block motorists from illegally using it.

He alleged that the police threatened to arrest him if he continued to do it, which he said left him feeling “demoralised”.   

A spokesperson for Herts police said: “We cannot comment specifically on whether an individual would be arrested for obstructing a road, as this would depend on a number of factors, including the circumstances of a specific incident.” 

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