Comedian Adam Kay, and children’s entertainer Basil Brush will be among the stars to perform at a new 500-seater outdoor theatre coming to Cassiobury Park.

The new open-air venue with a fully licenced bar, titled ‘Stage in the Park’, will be at the heart of Cassiobury Park from July 23 to August 8.

It was previously announced that there would be a range of theatre, comedy and other live performances at the park, with attendees also having access to food and various stalls.

Now an initial programme of 19 different shows has been revealed and anyone wishing to attend is recommended to book tickets.

Watford Observer: The Stage in the Park is coming to Cassiobury Park (Photo: Daniel Gardiner)The Stage in the Park is coming to Cassiobury Park (Photo: Daniel Gardiner)

These range from interactive shows, comedic acts and even an adaption of the hit American sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Here is a list of events and acts taking place at the outdoor theatre:

This Is Your Trial – July 23

An improvised interactive comedy show where comedians play lawyers prosecuting and defending charges set against you. The audience plays the role of the juror and are encouraged to get involved in the performance.

2.30pm kids show | Tickets £12.50

7pm adults show | Tickets £18

Katy Ashworth – July 24

Katy Ashworth from CBeebies will host a 45-minute show filled with sing-a-longs, interactive games and stories and other activities for the family.

11am | Tickets £10

Basil Brush’s Family Fun Show – July 24

The legendary children’s entertainer will perform a family friendly and witty act during the day.

his comedic quips on stage from Love Island to Westminster.

2.30pm | Tickets £12.50

Basil Brush Unleashed -July 24

Here the cheeky fox will ‘unleash’ himself to audiences who grew up with him from 1960 to the early 2000’s, with a comedic take on everything from Love Island to Westminster.

7pm | Tickets £20

Swinging at the Cotton Club – July 25

The show reminiscent of the 1920s and 30s in New York City be recreated by the Lindy Hop Dance Company, alongside The Harry Strutters Hot Rhythm Orchestra, featuring American vocalist Marlene Hill and compere/vocalist Megs Etherington.

7pm | Tickets £22.50

Lion Inside – July 26 to July 29

Based on the book by Rachel Bright and Jim Field, ‘The Lion Inside’ is a story about a mouse fed up being ignored by other animals and who wishes he could roar like a lion. He tries to find his loud roar, but in the end decides the only thing to do is to overcome his fears and ask the lion for help.

11am | Tickets £10

Showstopper Kids – July 26

Children in the audience will help form the plot and journey of this musical adventure, as their ideas will come to life on the stage.

2.30pm | £12.50

Showstopper! – July 26

The improvised musical will allow the audience to shout suggestions of the setting, musical styles and title of the show.

7pm | Tickets £22.50

Adam Kay – July 28

Comedian Adam Kay will share entries from his diaries as a junior doctor in his stand-up act, with signed copies of his book ‘This is Going to Hurt’ available to purchase on the night.

7pm | Tickets £27

Errol’s Garden – July 31

The interactive musical for kids aged three to 11 will help Errol and Tia create a community garden.

11am & 2pm | Tickets £10

Friend – August 1

Comedic actor Brendan Murphy reimagines the TV classic F.R.I.E.N.D.S in the eyes of barista Gunther, following its hit Edinburgh Fringe debut. Gunther will share an insider story on what happened to Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Joey.

2.30pm | Tickets £15

Bring the Laughter – August 1

Comedians Tommy Sandhu, Sukh Ojla and Kane Brown will be among some of the comedy acts performing this night.

7pm | Tickets £18

Palace Young Company: Live and on stage! – August 3 to August 4

This performance will be an uplifting feast of vivid colour, music, comedy and dance for all the family.

2:30pm & 7pm | Tickets £10

The Sooty Show – August 5

TV legend Sooty with his friends Sweep and Soo will be on stage while television partner Richard Cadell tries to keep up with their antics.

11am and 2.30pm | Tickets £12.50

West End in the Park – August 5

This night will have a host of West End stars singing London’s greatest musicals.

7pm | Tickets £25

Magical Bones Live and Direct – August 6

The Britain’s Got Talent finalist will show off mesmerising tricks and illusions in a spectacle all will want to see.

7pm | Tickets £15

Comedy Club 4 Kids – August 7

Comedians will perform a family-friendly act with their best stand-ups and sketch acts, just without the rude bits!

2.30pm | Tickets £10

Watford Outdoor Comedy Club – August 7

Comedians Dana Alexander, Andrew O’Neill and Gary Tro are set to deliver their finest acts on the penultimate day of the Stage in the Park. Line ups are subject to change.

7pm | Tickets £12.50

The Staves – August 8

To end off Stage in the Park, Watford’s indie folk trio of sisters  Emily, Jessica and Camilla Staveley-Taylor will tour their new album Good Woman.

7pm | Tickets £25

To book tickets to any of the listed events, click here.