A campaigner left a message at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden as an online petition calling for Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard to be removed from her leading role in the Aquaman sequel gains traction.

Production of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom has started at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, with Heard set to continue her role as Mera for the upcoming DC film.

However after Depp was dropped from the Fantastic Beasts franchise when he lost his “wife beater” libel case against The Sun last year, there have been calls for Warner Bros to equally drop Heard amid domestic abuse accusations towards Depp.

Heard has been accused of various acts of domestic abuse, including throwing a bottle at her ex-husband and stubbing a cigarette out on his cheek.

Online, #JusticeForJohnnyDepp has been trending among people believing that there has been unfair treatment between the two actors.

A poster backing Depp was seen placed outside the studio sign in Leavesden by Youtuber UnBoxPHD, who has nearly 13,000 subscribers after covering the trial extensively on his channel.

UnBoxPHD said: “I come from it a legal point of view, having studied law at university and having the judgement of the UK trial.

“It was clear that Amber Heard was not a credible witness, based on the misinformation that she was providing to the courts.”

He explained that he does not see Depp to be “a saint” and he is not a Depp-superfan to be defending his alleged actions, but he believes there is a hypocrisy considering the allegations of Heard.

Watford Observer: The poster at Leavesden (Photo: UnBoxPHD)The poster at Leavesden (Photo: UnBoxPHD)

The Youtuber continued: “By her saying all these things (alleged threats to Depp), she’s still being given that pedestal to be in Aquaman 2, while Johnny Depp isn’t going to be in the Fantastic Beasts franchise.”

UnboxPHD noted one thing that primarily upset him from a legal standpoint was Heard admitting she failed to donate the entire $7million settlement fee to charity as part of the divorce settlement.

He said: “I think Warner Bros should give a reason why she’s still in the film.

“They (the public) have the right to know why Amber Heard is being kept still in the film.”

While the Youtuber is not calling for Heard to be specifically fired, he says that he would at first like to see a statement from Warner Bros Studios to see why they believe Heard still belongs on the film, and if they can justify it.

Warner Bros Studios were approached for their response.

The poster has since been removed after the photographs were taken.

During the court trials, UnboxPHD would cover the trials on his channel and film footage outside.

To continue his part in the campaign, the Youtuber is planning to travel to Virginia to cover key events Heard will be at, including filming locations and the premiere.