Shots of water ranging from the calming to the invigorating have been posted this week by members of our camera club as water continues to provide a great source of inspiration.

Water is the current theme for our talented photographers and the latest selection of super shots range geographically from the Grand Junction Canal to the Tyne, while waterfalls and even a hidden dragon are visible.

The Watford Observer Camera Club is a Facebook-based group. It is open to all photographers – from those who use snap pictures on their phones, to professionals with specialist equipment.

Every four weeks, the camera club is set a new challenge, a theme is selected and then the work starts for our talented photographers.

Search for Watford Observer Camera Club on Facebook. Ask to join the group and we’ll accept you.

This week’s selection of images were taken by:

Watford Observer: Stephen Danzig

Stephen Danzig

Watford Observer: Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke

Watford Observer: Jetskiing: Robert Stapleton

Robert Stapleton

Watford Observer: Bridge over the Tyne, Newcastle. Colin MacDonald

Colin MacDonald

Watford Observer: Christine Clb

Christine Clb

Watford Observer: Andrew Dand

Andrew Dand

Watford Observer: Storm over Hemel Hempstead. Paul T Allan

Paul T Allan

Watford Observer: Tracey Phillipps

Tracey Phillipps

Watford Observer: Can you see the Chinese dragon? Mark Ward

Mark Ward