Two groups of brewers raised a glass to International Women’s Day by joining forces to create a new female-developed and produced beer to celebrate the strong women in their teams.

Members of the Creative Juices Brewing Company and the Mad Yank Brewery teamed up at the Creative Juices brewery, based at Woodoaks Farm in Maple Cross, on Tuesday to produce ‘Swinging on Sunbeams’, a pale ale that is due to be launched at the start of May.

Kate Arding, taproom manager at Creative Juices, said: “We’re not shouting at the men on International Women’s Day, we’re shouting about being women.

“It’s a day to remind everyone how far we have come, but also how far we have still to go.”

With the growth of the craft beer revolution in recent years, the gender balance in the brewing industry is shifting in terms of both production and consumers.

There are an increasing number of smaller independent breweries who celebrate their female team members and the contribution they make, and a growing female fanbase for the beers they make.

Creative Juices are made up of 70 per cent female members and have always had a focus on inclusivity and equality.

The Mad Yank Brewery are a small gender balanced brewery, with a woman at the helm.

Larissa Graeber, director and co-founder of Mad Yank said: “International Women's Collaboration Brew Day is an event which runs in tandem to International Women's Day. It brings together women - both within and without the industry - not just to brew, but to network as well as make friends.

“The day was founded in 2013 by Sophie de Ronde, who is the head brewer of Burnt Mill Brewery in Suffolk, but it's increasingly gaining worldwide traction. Breweries from the UK, Germany, USA, South Africa, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark have all signed up to take part in this year's iteration.

“The motto for this year is ‘Unite Celebration’ - it’s an opportunity for those involved to reflect upon the hardships of the previous year, and to gather and celebrate their individual and collective triumphs and perseverance.”