A playground, free parking, and a memorial wall with the names of fallen soldiers are just some of the things people want to see in Watford’s town centre.  

When we asked our readers on Facebook what they think is missing in the heart of Watford, we were flooded with nearly 1,000 responses.

Several people called for a children’s playground to be installed.

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Reader Ioana Laura said she wanted “a kid’s playground… where families can enjoy their time off”.

And Stacy Hailey said the lack of play areas for small children stopped her shopping in Watford.

She said: “I avoid shopping in Watford as there’s nowhere to stop for a break with them.”

Watford Observer: Suggestion for Watford town centre were variedSuggestion for Watford town centre were varied

Free parking, tea rooms and a more prominent market were also suggested. Some people even called for the return of Watford Springs swimming pool.   

Watford Observer: Many people want Watford Springs to be brought back. Picture: Roger MiddletonMany people want Watford Springs to be brought back. Picture: Roger Middleton

In a more poignant message, Stephen Danzig said: “Watford is one of the few towns that doesn't have a memorial listing all the names Watford sadly lost during WW1, WW2 and other conflicts.”

Mayor of Watford Peter Taylor said that introducing play facilities in the town centre will be investigated.

He added: “A memorial listing all the names of Watford soldiers and civilians sadly lost during, the first and second world wars and any other conflicts is being discussed among the upgrades and work to refurbish Watford Museum.”

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Cllr Ian Stotesbury, who is responsible for transport and sustainabilty, did not say if free parking would be introduced.

He said: “We want to make travel around Watford greener and more efficient for everyone who lives, works and visits our town.

"This is our first priority for travel in Watford in the immediate future.

"We must do everything we can to cut congestion in Watford so that our air is cleaner and people can move around more easily.”

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