The construction of the underpass by Watford Town Hall changed the complexion of the town considerably, but before it was built there was a road named Weymouth Street with a pub on its corner.

The Watford Observer has again teamed up with Watford Museum and is delighted to showcase some pictures from its archive – this week we remember the Old Berkeley Hunt (O.B.H.) pub.

The museum’s volunteer archivist Christine Orchard said: “The Old Berkeley Hunt pub (or O.B.H.) was at the corner of St Albans Road and Weymouth Street which, today, puts it roughly in the middle of the town hall roundabout! The pub was built around 1869, and as a writer to the Watford Observer in 1870 noted, that it had ‘clustering around it about nine cottages’.

Watford Observer:

The red dot marks the very approximate location of the pub. Picture: Google Maps

“The hunt after which the pub was named were said to have visited in its early years but been disappointed that it was just a beerhouse and did not have a licence to serve spirits. The pub continued until 1969 and in this 100-year period must have become a busy part of the community and seems to have been either a starting place or stop off for coach tours.”

Watford Observer:

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