Huge crowds go to Watford Asda for KSI visit - recap

Our live feed has now finished.

  • ❗ Huge crowds flocked to the Asda Supercentre in Watford on Friday to see internet celebrities KSI and Logan Paul
  • ❗ The pair were there to exclusively launch their new Prime energy drink
  • ❗ Around a thousand or so teenagers and younger children descended on the car park during the afternoon
  • ❗KSI and Logan Paul arrived around an hour later than planned on a red top open bus before addressing delighted fans for around ten minutes
  • ❗The visit saw KSI returning to his hometown while Logan Paul had travelled from America. Both shot to fame on YouTube and have tens of millions of followers between them across social media
  • ❗ Crowds became so large police were called in to try and control the situation. Officers blocked all vehicle access into Asda and even stopped traffic on the A41 as youngsters started running between traffic
  • ❗One boy on a bike suffered an injury after he was hit by a vehicle entering the car park
  • ❗Read our live-blog below for a full recap of the afternoon’s events

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