Complaints about dinosaurs with missing teeth and high admission costs have resurfaced over a travelling history exhibition that visited Watford.

When Jurassic Encounter came to Cassiobury Park in April, there was widespread excitement to see the 50 life-sized animatronic creatures on display.

But after the attraction opened, some customers questioned why some dinosaurs appeared to have missing eyes and teeth, while others said the ticket prices were “extortionate”.

Watford Observer: People were unhappy that displays were missing teethPeople were unhappy that displays were missing teeth (Image: Submitted)

The Watford Observer made several requests for comment to the team behind the event as well as Watford Borough Council – but the questions went unanswered.

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Now it appears that history has repeated itself, as people in Buxton made similar criticisms after a two-week event in Pavilion Gardens in the town.

Local paper the Buxton Advertiser wrote that customers said the event was “a shambles” and a “terrible advert for the town”.

Watford Observer: Displays were missing eyes, teeth and other partsDisplays were missing eyes, teeth and other parts

It was also reported that, just as in Watford, some creatures were missing body parts.

When the Observer contacted the team behind the event asking whether they would reflect on the issues highlighted from the last two events, a spokesperson avoided answering any Watford-specific questions and repeated the same answer that was provided to the Buxton Advertiser.

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A spokesperson said that they believed the event was “good value for money” and the organisers received a “huge amount of positive feedback”.

They added: “It is human nature to look at the negatives and to complain, that is something the public will always do no matter how good or bad an event is.”

Watford Observer: A dinosaur before the exhibition opened in WatfordA dinosaur before the exhibition opened in Watford

Back in April, a representative from Jurassic Encounter did suggest to the paper that the missing parts could potentially be from vandals and children picking apart some body parts – but did not specifically comment on the situation or apologise to those unhappy.

And while Watford Borough Council did not comment at the time, it appears High Peak Borough Council was happy to speak out on the Buxton outrage.

They told the Advertiser it was “disappointing” to hear the negative experiences as the majority of feedback was “positive”.