Keen gardeners put their work front and centre at the Sarratt Horticultural Society Autumn Show.

The overall winner at the show - held on September 3 at the Village Hall - was Steven Booth, who was also awarded the Morton Neal trophy for the highest total points across the spring and autumn shows.

Mr Booth also won the fruit and vegetable prize.

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The cookery prize was won by Sarah Altman and The Staughton Cup for jam went to Audrey Hammett.

Jenny Roberts was the winner of the arts and crafts section and the flower arranging trophy was won by Natalie Morris.

Watford Observer: Emily Tyler (right). Picture: Sarratt Horticultural SocietyEmily Tyler (right). Picture: Sarratt Horticultural Society (Image: Sarratt Horticultural Society)

The children’s trophy was won by Emily Tyler, and the Tyler family won the plate for the highest aggregate score for a family.

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