A Tandoori restaurant in Abbots Langley received a scathing hygiene rating after an inspection found raw meat stored inadequately.

Abbots Tandoori in Langley Road was told it needs to make a “major improvement” and was given a 1 out of 5 food hygiene rating.

The inspector, who visited on September 26, mainly criticised the management of food safety, and said “improvement” is required in the area of hygienic food handling.

Restaurant manager Shah said "immediate" action had been made and he was confident of an improved rating when the venue is assessed again after at least three months.

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Cleanliness and condition of facilities and the building was regarded as “generally satisfactory”.

The inspector found that hand washing was taking place in the equipment sink and incorrect soap was used in the process.

A report, seen by Watford Observer, revealed the raw meat in the freezer did not have use by date, labelling or storage instructions.

A chance of toxins being formed in cooked rice was possible because it was being stored at incorrect temperatures, the report said.

In addition, the inspector said food debris was visible in several locations.

The report added: “All areas where food is prepared and stored must be clean and capable of being kept clean.

“This is so that pests are not attracted into your premises and the risk of food being contaminated by dirt is minimised.”

Watford Observer: Abbots Tandoori Restaurant was received a score of 1/5. Abbots Tandoori Restaurant was received a score of 1/5. (Image: Stock image)

Staff have been advised to have training on food hygiene awareness, including the rules on reheating food and ensuring a two-stage cleaning process is in place.

The inspector also said all staff working in rooms where food is handled wear snoods and hats.

Shah, the manager of the restaurant, said: “Naturally we are disappointed at this rating and have immediately taken action to rectify the reason for this outcome, which we did this in the space of two weeks.

“After which the health officer revisited and was extremely pleased with our efforts.

“However, unfortunately the score can only be updated no earlier than three months at which time she will come and make a fresh assessment.

“In the meantime, we are in process of sending our “right to reply” [to the Food Standard Agency].”

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