Comedy, suspense, and a handful of pop songs meant the Beauty and the Beast pantomime is perfect for all the family to see.  

Watford Palace Theatre has done it again with another unmissable show, with a stellar cast featuring Terrence Frisch, an actor who has been part of 10 pantomimes at the Palace.  

This adaptation of Beauty and the Beast is ripe for a modern-day audience that the Watford Observer got to see on Sunday, December 11.

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Set in Paris, Belle is on a mission to have a career as an artist.

She meets Beau, her love interest, and Déjà Vu, the villain, who enter in the Rose Rouge’s talent contest as it looks for a new star.

But Beau wins, leaving Déjà Vu seething and here he sets out to take Beau’s winning spot by any means possible.

Watford Observer: Bell and Madame BouquetBell and Madame Bouquet (Image: Greta Zabulyte)

With magic, Déjà Vu casts a spell on Beau turning him into the Beast.

Staying true to the beloved fairy-tale, the curse can only be broken if someone truly falls in love with the Beast before the final rose petal falls off.

Fearful of what people might think of him, Beau runs away leaving Bell and the Rose Rouge’s staff worried for him.

Of course, Déjà Vu takes Beau’s place at Rose Rouge, but it does not deter Belle and her friends from searching for him.

Watford Observer: Déjà Vu is the perfect villain Déjà Vu is the perfect villain (Image: Greta Zabulyte)

Overall, the audience was given a true pantomime experience.

Children loved to boo Déjà Vu, played by Jonathan D Ellis, and he performed the well-loved, “oh no it isn’t” line with aplomb.  

Sarah Sew-n-Sew, Belle’s friend, played by Terence Frisch, struck the perfect balance of performing comedy for the children and the odd bawdy joke for the grown-ups.

Watford Observer: Sarah Sew-n-SewSarah Sew-n-Sew (Image: Greta Zabulyte)

Frisch’s experience shone through when he broke the fourth wall to interact with audience members.

With music ranging from Coldplay and Britney Spears to Abba, the show was full of fun, laughter and energy, perfect for a warm up to Christmas and the New Year.

Watford Observer: BeauBeau (Image: Greta Zabulyte)

But will Bell find Beau? And does Déjà Vu get away with his evil plan? It’s worth a trip to find out.

The show runs until December 31. To book your tickets, visit or call 01923 225 671.

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