Former Apprentice contestant Thomas Skinner has pitched up in Watford High Street for the day.

The TV personality and businessman posted a video on Twitter this morning (December 16) urging shoppers to pop down to say hello.

Pumping out a typically enthusiastic message, he said: “We’ve had a fantastic breakfast down Dinos, and now we’re on Watford High Street market bang opposite B&M, and we’re gonna graft, and we’re gonna graft well today.

“So guys if you’re in the area, we’d love to see you pop down and say hello because look, Christmas is only a week away, and we have got some fantastic deals for you!”

He is seen standing under a red and white stall with ‘clearance sale’ emblazoned on top and boxes of young children’s scooters next to him.

Skinner, born in Romford, appeared on the 2019 series of The Apprentice before being ‘fired’ in week nine.