A dream meeting with Anne Hegerty in Watford took a sour turn after The Chase star revealed she tested positive for Covid the next day.

Chloe Alder was overjoyed after bumping into the celebrity in The Dome's Sainsbury's on March 13, and praised her for being “approachable and really warm”.

The Watford woman, who works as a child minder and a children’s entertainer, couldn’t believe it when Anne suggested they take a selfie so Chloe, 22, could prove to her grandmother that they met.

Watford Observer: Anne (left) and Chloe (right) met on Monday, March 13.Anne (left) and Chloe (right) met on Monday, March 13. (Image: Chloe Alder)

However, responding to the Watford Observer's story, Anne tweeted: “I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but while it was delightful to meet Chloe last night, she should now do an LFT (lateral flow test), as this morning I tested positive for Covid.”


The tweet caused quite the stir with many people rushing to wish Anne well and a speedy recovery.

But it seems publishing the story helped Anne to allay any fears she may have passed Covid onto Chloe.

Once Chloe found out, she quickly took a test which resulted in a negative result.

Anne tweeted: “I'm glad I saw the story, because I'd been a little worried all day I might have given it to you!”

But Chloe seemed to be less concerned.

She said: “My immune system is fairly good because I work with kids!”

The two women then had a friendly Twitter exchange on how to manage Covid symptoms.

Chloe suggested thyme and multivitamins, while Anne revealed she was drinking honey and ginger tea, “wrapping up warm and sitting in bed reading nice books”.

Despite testing positive for Covid, it seems Anne is doing well.

She revealed to her followers she has had all four of her vaccines and that she has a “tough immune system, so I don't tend to get severely ill”.

For Chloe, the whole experience is one she will not forget any time soon.

She said: “This has been a crazy two days - met a celeb and now I’m in a news article!

“Definitely something to tell grandkids about.”