The cloudy skies spoiled many people’s hopes of seeing the full moon at its spectacular best last night but one talented photographer has taken the opportunity to share a stunning picture of the lunar event last month.

Watford Observer Camera Club member Claire Tessier posted the fantastic picture at the top of this page of five different phases of the full moon in June, together with the image below of the full moon itself.

Watford Observer: The full moon in June.The full moon in June. (Image: Claire Tessier / Watford Observer Camera Club)

Other snappers were able to catch a break in the clouds for long enough to enjoy the so-called Supermoon on Monday night though, including Sarah Clarke who shared the picture below.

Watford Observer: Last night's Buck supermoon.Last night's Buck supermoon. (Image: Sarah Clarke / Watford Observer Camera Club)

Stephen Danzig is another camera club members whose eyes have been fixed on the night sky over the past few days and he took a great shot of the moon when it was almost full on Saturday.

Watford Observer: The moon almost full at the weekend.The moon almost full at the weekend. (Image: Stephen Danzig / Watford Observer Camera Club)

The July full moon, known as the Buck Moon, is the biggest the lunar surface has looked from the earth so far this year.

If you missed out on seeing it last night, the great news is you won’t have to wait too long for the next supermoon.

The Buck Moon was the first of four consecutive supermoons, with the Sturgeon Moon due to rise on August 1, followed by the Blue Moon on August 28 and the Harvest Moon on September 29.