A cover of the 1980s hit song Pass the Dutchie has been released today featuring a singer who hails from Bushey.

Emily B has teamed up with Dennis Seaton from reggae band Musical Youth after he reached out to her on Instagram.

The mother of one, who moved to Banbury, North Oxfordshire, two years ago, said: “It was one of those magical moments that you hear about and wish would happen to you.

“He said we would love to work with you and he suggested we do a cover.”

The music video and song (watch below) was released today, July 14. 

Emily, who used to own a recording studio in Watford called The Sound Cube, filmed the music video with Dennis at her house.

She said: “Dennis is one of the nicest guys. He told me stories about when he went to Michael Jackson’s house, but he is still down to earth.

“I’d never met him before, but we really did just vibe.”

When the song was released in the 80s it reached number 1 in the UK and several countries across the globe.

In 2022, the song reappeared in the UK charts at number 89 after it featured on Netflix TV show Stranger things.

Emily explained that some of the lyrics in the new song have been reworked to make it more appropriate for today.

Watford Observer: Dennis and Emily filmed the music video at her home in BanburyDennis and Emily filmed the music video at her home in Banbury (Image: Emily B)

She said: “Our feelings about Pass the Dutchie are that people are starving and people are lonely and we want to reassure people that there is hope.”

In fact, some of the proceeds from the record sales will go to the charity People in Need.

Speaking of today’s release, she said: “It is one of the coolest moments in my life.”

Emily, 42, who has worked in the music industry for 20 years, has described this as “probably the most important single I have released, given it reached number one all over the world it is a bit of pressure”.

“We just wanted to have some fun and bring happiness to summer and get people dancing,” she said.

Emily B and Dennis will be recording more tracks together in the future.