Business is booming for a record shop in Oxhey which is set to open a new branch.

Second Scene, a second-hand vinyl shop in Pinner Road , which has been open since 2011, said it hass had more customers visiting the shop as people are leaning towards the old school style.

Co-owner Helen Phillips said: “We have always had a strong customer base but recently we have found a lot more young people buying more records.

Watford Observer:

“We only sell second-hand ones which means that you can buy them for a lot cheaper than in bigger stores.”

The shop will be expanding is set to expand by opening another shop inside Home & Colonial Antiques in Berkhamsted.

The business owner from Oxhey added: “We want to see what it is like in Berkhamsted, we have been successful in Oxhey, so hopefully it will go well.”

She co-owns the store on Pinner Road with her partner Julian.

Watford Observer:

Their most popular long play records are “Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, Bowie and a lot of 80s music, as people who were teenagers in the 80s are now rebuying what they used to listen to”, according to Helen.

The Oxhey shop is open four days a week and the new space in Berkhamsted is opening on Monday, September 18.