Toby the Toy Poodle tried the South Oxhey Playing Field's dog enrichment area when it officially opened on Saturday, and he loved it.

The park has been revamped by Three Rivers District Council and the changes have included an area for dogs to run around and try some agility trails.

The Watford Observer took Toby to the area, with hopes that he would try the equipment, despite knowing he is not the type of dog who completes tricks.

To everyone’s surprise, he took to it very well and once bribed with some treats he attempted all the activities he could do.

He tried to jump though the smaller hoop and after a couple attempts, where he just walked around the apparatus, he got the hang of what he had to do.

Toby also tried the hurdle activity and got the hang of that straight away, even though his short legs meant he had to really think about how to get over them.

We were in the space for around an hour, in which the dog had checked out all of the play options and made friends with every dog in the area.

It was a lovely few hours out of the house for the whole family, with my mum, dad and little sister all tagging along.

Toby enjoyed the games and all the attention he got from passersby watching a tiny dog try to jump over poles to get a treat.

As it was the official opening, there were many other dogs and their owners at the park as well as councillors and people who supported the project.

The Scouts were also there selling snacks and drinks, which meant Toby was even happier when he got a bit of sausage after all of his running around.

Toby is only 28cm in height, so he did struggle trying to get onto the higher platforms, but all of his efforts got rewarded.

He is nearly seven years old, but after his adventure in the play area, you would think he was still a puppy.