McFly band member Tom Fletcher’s new musical is to debut at the Watford Palace Theatre.

The 50-minute production, There’s a Monster in Your Show, will be shown at 10.30am and 1.30pm on October 12 and 10.30am and 4.30pm on October 13. Tickets range from £13 to £60.

Aimed at children aged two plus, the musical sees Little Monster joined by friends Dragon, Alien and Unicorn, learning about the joy of books and friendship – and the power of a great story.

Watford Observer: Tom in rehearsals. Tom in rehearsals. (Image: There's a Monster in Your Show)Tom, 38, said: “I want kids to feel this is a show that they are a part of, not just coming to watch.

“This isn’t going to be a ‘sit down and be quiet’ kind of show. There’s a lot of mischief in the book, and the show is not to go according to plan either.

“Certain monsters will require the audience’s help getting the show back on track.

“This might be some children’s first trip to the theatre, and I want no other theatrical experience to ever live up to it.”

Watford Observer: Tom and his children at one of the show's rehearsals. Tom and his children at one of the show's rehearsals. (Image: There's a Monster in Your Show)The musical has been adapted from There’s a Monster in Your Book and it was the first book ever written by Tom, which he tested out on his bandmates before it was published.

He said: “I sketched out a version of it years ago, and then made it into an interactive book, which I gave to my bandmates.

“I wish I’d filmed their reaction, because as I watched them say ‘ooh look there’s a monster’ and then shake the book and turn it over to find him, they all cracked up laughing.”

Tom, a dad of three added: “I figured that my 20-something bandmates had the same sense of humour as three-year-olds, so it was probably going to work.”

Watford Observer: Tom said he wants children to feel they are part of the show.Tom said he wants children to feel they are part of the show. (Image: MEI Theatrical)

The picture book, which is illustrated by Greg Abbott, has been adapted for the stage by Zoe Bourn and directed by Miranda Larson.

Miranda said: “The show is so engaging, with lots of interactive moments, songs to lift everyone up – plus the monster story just brings out the giggles – the children will be laughing in the aisles.”

The musical will then go on a UK tour of more than 40 venues across the UK.