A winning entry in a competition based on arguably Elton John’s most famous album is set to go on display in the new Watford Museum.

The rock legend and former Watford FC chairman released Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 50 years ago today and the album inspired entries into a competition organised by Watford Area Arts Forum (WAAF).

Divided into two categories, art and literature, entrants were asked to use the song titles, lyrics and illustrations on the album cover or take any other form of inspiration from the record itself.

A piece entitled 'Aeroplanes and Electric Boots' by Sumi Watters won the literary section, while Louise Welland’s 'Our Yellow Brick Road' took first prize in the arts competition.

This piece is a collage based on Queen’s Road of old and local celebrities. The museum asked if it could be donated to hang in its new home at the Town Hall when it opens and Louise was delighted to agree to this.

Watford Observer: Louise's collage is set to go on display in the new Watford Museum when it opens Louise's collage is set to go on display in the new Watford Museum when it opens (Image: Ian Yelland)

Helen Nicell, of WAAF, said “I am delighted we had 20 entries in each category for the competition, with an exhibition at Watford Museum displaying the entries throughout September, the final results being announced last Saturday. Initially there was a public vote, then the ten shortlisted entries were passed to independent judges.

“We were very fortunate that the original artist of the album’s cover, Ian Beck, agreed to judge the art competition. He was unable to attend on Saturday, but local art historian Ian Welland announced the results on his behalf.

“We were also very pleased that Mick Callanan, Delivery Director for the Orwell Youth Prize and an English teacher for over 30 years, agreed to judge the literary category.”

The prize money for the competitions was donated by Watford Borough Council and deputy mayor Aga Dychton presented this. The winners also received a WAAF trophy.

The results were:

Literary Competition: 1st, Sumi Watters – Aeroplanes and Electric Boots; 2nd, Liz Shaw - The Tale of the Horny-Back Toad; 3rd, Veronica Montgomery - The Mystery of Alice Vaughan Williams.

Art Competition: 1st, Louise Welland - Our Yellow Brick Road; 2nd, Nadi Shanassi – Saturday Night; 3rd, Brian Cowan - Goodbye Norma Jean.