Members of the live music community and pubgoers in Watford and beyond have been expressing their sadness following the announcement that a popular venue has shut down.

The Horns confirmed its closure on Saturday because "the pub is totally unsustainable".

The pub initially announced it had shut "for the last time" almost a year ago, but was able to reopen following a campaign and fundraiser.

Following last year's announcement with The Horns' future then uncertain, we asked you to tell us about your memories of the pub.

We received hundreds of responses and below is a selection of those we published in November 2022.

If you would like to share your memories and pictures of one of Watford's most popular pubs, get in touch via the link at the bottom of this page.

Jorge Morales posted this picture last year and said: “So many eves. So many friends. Lots of music.”

Watford Observer: Jorge Morales performing.Jorge Morales performing. (Image: Jorge Morales)

Another musician, Pritee Almeida, wrote: "This picture right here was taken by THE Howard was an open mic night which producers from The Voice attended in May 2016 I think. I was asked to attend the auditions at stage 3 of the process thereafter...

“This picture is 1 of many taken at The Horns of me performing over the years....

Watford Observer: Pritee Almeida aka Big Mama Funk and guitarist Gary Mullins.Pritee Almeida aka Big Mama Funk and guitarist Gary Mullins. (Image: Howard Keys / Pritee Almeida)

“If it wasn't for Denis Cook back in 2003 and The Horns, Big Mama Funk probably wouldn't of been born & I wouldn't be half the performer I am to day....nor would I be working with half the musos I work with was an iconic venue that gave many their 1st chances.”

Watford Observer: The Zimmermen performing at The Horns last month.The Zimmermen performing at The Horns last month. (Image: Bryan Davey)

Tommy Pool said: “Played a good handful of gigs here with my band Valens.

“The highlight of my evenings was providing a spontaneous jam at the end of the show so that Pete Curtis could come and round off the night. Great bloke!

“Sad to see this place go. I’ve enjoyed many nights here with many great people!

“The picture shows me accidentally tripping Julian over during our set! My bad!"

Watford Observer: Tommy Pool accidentally tripping band-mate Julian over.Tommy Pool accidentally tripping band-mate Julian over. (Image: Sammi Pose Photography / Tommy Pool)

Rick Baker said: “We think it's outrageous that Jane's having to close the Horns. It's the only place left in Watford that supports live music. There really should be a grant available to get these small venues back on their feet after the pandemic and through the current cost of living crisis. We'll have nothing if we lose these places.”

Watford Observer: Rick Baker and his band Sid Sideboard and the Chairs have performed at the Horns dozens of times.Rick Baker and his band Sid Sideboard and the Chairs have performed at the Horns dozens of times. (Image: Rick Baker)

Sam Biggerstaff posted this picture and wrote: “Had many a great night in the Horns, the best seeing Chas and Dave back in the early 2000’s. Such a shame that this great pub and venue has been lost.”

Watford Observer: Sam Biggerstaff with the late Chas Hodges.Sam Biggerstaff with the late Chas Hodges. (Image: Sam Biggerstaff)

Tracey Wills said: “Have had so many good evenings shared with friends at the Horns I don’t want to lose the only venue us over 50s can attend in Watford ! It’s part of our history !!! Heartbroken”

Watford Observer: Tracey Wills enjoying a night out at The HornsTracey Wills enjoying a night out at The Horns (Image: Tracey Wills)

One reader said: “Unbelievable ! To say I’m shocked is an understatement! An amazing live music venue - a place for the more mature to go to - So many memories over so many years created here, friendships formed, local Bands enjoyed … please someone step in and save The Horns ! It would be a very great loss to Watford ……"

Another commented: “Such a vital venue for all kinds of musicians and for folk who like to see live bands. Bit by bit our pubs and music venues are going - its just not right. The proprietors at the Horns have done so much to keep it open over Covid etc - I truly hope the decision to close can be reversed.

Watford Observer: The Horns in the winter snow.The Horns in the winter snow. (Image: Luke Allen)