Frightening people can be hard work on the scariest day of the year and skeletons will need to rest their bones from time to time on Halloween.

Watford Observer Camera Club member Stephen Danzig captured this amusing snap of a skeleton waring shades and chilling out on a bench with his pumpkin as the spooky season arrives.

Here are a selection of Halloween-themed pictures already taken by our talented photographers – but we’d love to see what you’re doing today and share them with our readers.

Watford Observer: Have you been busy carving a pumpkin?Have you been busy carving a pumpkin? (Image: Jo Reid/Watford Observer Camera Club)

Whether you’ve been busy decorating your house, carving a pumpkin, or had some frightening fun at a party at the weekend, send us your scary shots via the link below and we’ll do our best to publish as many as we can in print and online.

Watford Observer: Getting a good viewGetting a good view (Image: Deborah Chambre Young/Watford Observer Camera Club)

Watford Observer: Halloween fun at Cassiobury FarmHalloween fun at Cassiobury Farm (Image: Clawdia Wrinkleman/ Watford Observer Camera Club)

Watford Observer: Keeping an eye on thingsKeeping an eye on things (Image: Stephen Danzig/Watford Observer Camera Club)