Escape rooms are a great way to meet with friends to solve puzzles, complete challenges and experience teamwork in a fast-paced environment.

The games bring joy, exhilaration (and sometimes frustration) to people across the UK, and Hertfordshire is no exception.

With a range of experiences available, here's TripAdvisor's best picks from across the county.

1. Bishop's Stortford Escape Rooms, Bishop's Stortford

Watford Observer: Bishop's Stortford Escape Rooms, off Southmill Road, Bishop's Stortford.Bishop's Stortford Escape Rooms, off Southmill Road, Bishop's Stortford. (Image: Google Maps)

Games such as The Crazy Cat Lady, The Governor, Rob the Bank and Christmas Candy Chaos can all be found at Bishop's Stortford Escape Rooms.

An overnight Escape the Night game can also be played at the site, which is TripAdvisor's top rated Escape Room in Hertfordshire.

The location has been reviewed 794 times, with 747 reviewers giving it five stars out of five.

One reviewer, Valentina L, wrote: "Great fun and good variety of games and rooms! Well organised and great effort form the staff. Can’t wait to try another game!"

2. Agent Brains Escape Games, Letchworth

Watford Observer: Agent Brains Escape Games, in Leys Avenue, Letchworth.Agent Brains Escape Games, in Leys Avenue, Letchworth. (Image: Agent Brains Escape Rooms)

With two sites in Letchworth, Agent Brains is TripAdvisor's second-best rated escape room in Hertfordshire.

With games including Back to the Future, Escape the 80's, Jungle Jailbreak and Escape The Knight Agent Brains also has a five star overall rating.

Of the company's 334 reviewers, 329 gave it all five stars with the remaining five awarding it four stars.

Pippa wrote: "I can't recommend this place enough! Excellent staff who are clearly very passionate about what they do.

"The amount of thought and detail that has gone into these rooms is incredible."

3. Escape Hunt, Watford

Watford Observer: Escape Hunt Watford has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor.Escape Hunt Watford has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor.

With escape rooms, outdoor 'city hunts', virtual reality and play-at-home games, Escape Hunt Watford is next on TripAdvsor's list.

The site has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor, with 336 of 398 reviewers giving it all five stars.

Kitty E wrote: "Second time we have visited, it was good fun! Thanks to Evelyn our host.

"It was a busy place but the staff seemed to be on it, looks like its had a revamp since we were last there! Definitely recommend."

4. Locked Escape Rooms, St Albans

Watford Observer: Locked Escape Rooms, in St Albans.Locked Escape Rooms, in St Albans. (Image: Google Maps)

Locked Escape Rooms has a five star rating but features at number four on TripAdvisor's rankings.

The company operates games such as The Great Train Robbery, C.S.I. Checked Out, The Dig and The Shadow Lair.

Of Locked Escape Rooms' 255 reviewers, 237 gave the location five stars and 17 awarded it four.

Kirsty B commented: "Great fun and extremely well organised!

"I would recommend this to anyone who likes problem solving and a laugh."

5. Enigma Rooms, Watford

Watford Observer: Enigma Rooms was constructed by a joiner and his family.Enigma Rooms was constructed by a joiner and his family. (Image: Benn Warren)

Enigma Rooms, in Watford, currently runs two games from its centre. These challenges are Gold Rush and The Chapel.

A range of online games can be played via the company's website, including Arctic Academy and Murder Motel.

Enigma Rooms has a five star rating on TripAdvisor, with 58 reviewers. All 58 gave the location full marks.

Vicki C commented: "Brilliant experience, would highly recommend.

"Came with my family yesterday and we all had a wonderful time."

6. Pier Pressure, Welwyn Hatfield

Watford Observer: The Mill Green Museum and Mill, near Hatfield.The Mill Green Museum and Mill, near Hatfield.

Still looking for a permanent location in Welwyn Hatfield, Pier Pressure currently runs out of the Mill Green Museum and Mill.

The site currently has two rooms, Murder at the Mill and A Christmas Carol.

The site has a five star rating, with 43 reviewers having their shared their thoughts.

Susan J wrote: "It was great fun and enjoyed by us all.

"The murder mystery event was well planned and organised."

7. Ware Escape Rooms, Ware

Watford Observer: Enigma Escape Rooms, Ware.Enigma Escape Rooms, Ware. (Image: Google Maps)

Ware Escape Rooms has no less than nine games available, including the likes of Thursday the 12th, Hunted and Choices.

The site has a 4.5 star rating, with 42 customers giving their views.

Kerris N said: "Great experience.

"Booked the escape room for my 21st with my friends, it was our first time doing an escape room and Rick was brilliant and so accommodating.

"We did the Thursday the 12th room and it was so much fun. Definitely would recommend!"