A popular pub and live music venue which closed last month has plans to reopen soon.

The Horns in Hempstead Road could be about to receive a new lease of life as its owner "hopes" to open at the end of the month after internal changes.  

The pub originally shut its doors on Saturday, October 21, after the manager said it was “unsustainable” to keep it open.

Watford Observer: The Horns could reopen at the end of the month.The Horns could reopen at the end of the month. (Image: Watford Observer Camera Club/Vlad Dan)

Stonegate Group, which owns the pub, has confirmed that it "hopes" to reopen the space soon. 

A spokesperson said: “The Horns, Watford, is currently closed as we make some internal changes. We hope to reopen the site at the end of the month. To keep up to date with the latest news, please visit The Horns’ Facebook Page.”

The official opening date has not been confirmed yet.

Watford Observer: The Horns closed last month. The Horns closed last month. (Image: Stephen Danzig)

When it closed last month, the manager Jane Giles said she had “desperately tried to keep it open”.

The message, which had been posted to The Horns' social media when it closed, said:  “We’ve tried our hardest to get us through this, but sadly we can’t.

“The pub is totally unsustainable, and I can’t keep it running any longer. I’m truly very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

“Thank you massively to the bands, friends, and customers for all your help fundraisers and gigs over the years.”

Stonegate operates several pubs in the town including The Cother Arms, The Partridge, Prince George, Walkabout, and Rifle Volunteer.

The site has previously been through closure, as on October 30, 2022, The Horns initially announced it had closed “for the last time” but was kept open by the “extraordinary” response from the public.

There was a fundraiser to keep the boozer alive which was to clear the £50,000 debt which it had accumulated after energy prices rose, low footfall and the impact of Covid.

It also had a #savethehornswatford campaign when the 2022 closure happened.

The Horns joined a campaign in 2020, launched by the Music Venue Trust, called Save Our Venues, as it had begun to suffer due to the pandemic.

Famous people who have performed at the pub include Paul Young, Chas and Dave and Dr Feelgood.