This year's pantomime takes audiences back to a time when Watford was in the Premier League and Furbys were loved by many.

Cinderella at Watford Palace Theatre has officially begun after previews and has given visitors a party fit for kings and queens.

Between all of the references to the new millennium coming in as the show was set on New Year’s Eve 1999 in Watford, it was a perfect flashback to the iconic fashion, music and celebrities of the era.

Watford Observer: The pantomime was set in Watford in 1999. The pantomime was set in Watford in 1999. (Image: Megan Lewis)

The panto had Terence Frisch in a leading role as Fanny G the pantomime dame and Soleil Quarless who played Cinderella.

It had a mixture of classic noughties music along with hits from recent years giving the show a twist on a much-loved fairytale.

Using plenty of references to Watford, including Elton John and Watford FC, as well as a despise for Luton, it felt as if it was written to capture the humour of the town perfectly.

Watford Observer: There were a mixture of noughties and current music. There were a mixture of noughties and current music. (Image: Megan Lewis)

Despite having a small cast, they filled the stage and made sure to engage the audience and use the classic panto lines (oh, no they didn’t).

A life-size Furby (played by Mark Pearce) won over the audience with its childish humour and a huge likeness to the retro toy.

Watford Observer: Stepmother and stepsisters of Cinderella.Stepmother and stepsisters of Cinderella. (Image: Greta Zabulyte)

The theatre was nearly full and for a Monday night, weeks away from Christmas, it was great to see as all of the children and their parents were enjoying the festivities and dancing to the music.

The characters were well-written and bounced off each other very well, including using iconic 1990s names for the step-sisters, Christina (played by Luke Farrugia) and Britney (played by Lucia Vinyard).

Watford Observer: Cinderella and Furby. Cinderella and Furby. (Image: Greta Zabulyte)

The show included an impressive piece of set design as an airplane was used to get the princess to the ball with her noughties-inspired dress which involved a great piece of costume change on stage.

It also included the classic cringe moments which are a huge part of pantos with jokes and cream pies in faces.

Watford Observer: The New Year's Eve party. The New Year's Eve party. (Image: Greta Zabulyte)

The show began at 6pm and finished at around 8.30pm with a 20-minute interval, which was a perfect time to pick up another drink and some popcorn.

It is a great festive night out for the whole family to get into the mood for Christmas, with the bar open for drinks and snacks as well as flashing toys sold for younger members of the audience.

The show is currently on until December 31 and tickets can be bought via the theatre’s website.

Watford Observer: Fanny G and King. Fanny G and King. (Image: Greta Zabulyte)

Speaking about the show, Samuel Wolstenholme who played the Prince, said: "It is such a great audience in Watford and everyone seems to really love the show. I have enjoyed it a lot so far. 

"Watford is a great town and very welcoming to the cast and it has been so exciting being somewhere new." 

Soleil Quarless, who played Cinderella, added: "It has been so nice to be somewhere different for the festive season and speaking to people from Watford they have enjoyed the show. It has been very fun and we got to do the Christmas light event in the town which was very cool. 

"The show has a different vibe to ones I have done previously which has made it very enjoyable to do."