A wave of nostalgia has reverberated through Watford as Pryzm has closed its doors for the last time.

For many, the nightclub's closure on New Year's Eve represents the end of an era and a sad day for Watford's nightlife.

Reacting to the Watford Observer's article on the closure of the nightclub, locals commented in their droves on Facebook.

From Tony Robinson, who reminisced about "great times" at the nightclub during the 80s and 90s, to Steve Ford's time "working there", Pryzm's closure has struck a nostalgic chord amongst Watford locals who recall the club's different guises as Top Rank, Kudos, Destiny, and Paradise Lost.

Donna Reeves called the closure "really sad" while Michelle Weatherly Tullett commented: "Great memories of Paradise Lost, and Kudos, the place looked amazing inside and so many memories."

Watford Observer: Pryzm when it was known as Paradise LostPryzm when it was known as Paradise Lost (Image: Watford Observer)

David Carney urged locals to "hold on to the memory of special times" as he acknowledged the "changing reality of life today".

He added: "It’s following social trends, not leading them. At one time Top Rank, Baileys were a huge draw, but sadly no longer. Yes it’s sad, but sadly it’s been coming for ages. Hold on to the memory of special times. Shed a tear for then but not for now."

Furthermore, many Watford locals raised concerns about the impact of the closure on the town's younger generation.

Emma Cutler said: "What do youngsters do now?"

Ryan James Crowley also expressed sorrow for the young generation for "they no longer have a nightlife in Watford and London (is the) only option, which is twice as expensive".

The venue was considered a lynchpin of Watford's social scene across its two dance floors and with a capacity crowd of 2,500, it held countless gigs including hosting Elton John who performed a show when it was known as Baileys in 1976.

Watford Observer: Elton John on stage when it was known as Baileys in 1976Elton John on stage when it was known as Baileys in 1976 (Image: Watford Observer)

Michael Wood recalled "it was Destiny in my day", while Clare Faulkner declared it "very sad!"

While some commenters mourned, others choose to pay tribute to the nightclub.

Carroll Dixon remembered "great times" at Pryzm, fondly recalling its opening night as "Top Rank", and Parmdeep Jagdev called it an "iconic nightclub".

As the final echoes of Pryzm's last dance fades away, those sentiments — the laughs, the memories, the good times — remain as poignant reminders of Watford's beloved nightlife hub.