The new year is well underway so it is again time to set a new challenge for members of the Watford Observer Camera Club.

You can see the final selection of our talented photographers' 'new year, new start' across these pages - the next theme is 'wildlife in winter'.

The Watford Observer Camera Club is a Facebook-based group.

It is open to all photographers, from those who snap pictures on their phones to professionals who capture perfect shots with specialist equipment.

Every four weeks usually, members of the camera club are set a new challenge, a theme is selected and then the work starts for our talented photographers.

Search for Watford Observer Camera Club on Facebook. Ask to join the group and we’ll accept you.

In addition to Stephen Smith's picture at the top of this page of a cold Cassiobury Park run, this week’s selection of images were taken by:

Stephen Danzig

Watford Observer: 'New Year's rose at Cheslyn Gardens''New Year's rose at Cheslyn Gardens'

Jackie Dormer

Watford Observer: 'Walking into 2024''Walking into 2024'

Tracey Phillipps

Watford Observer: 'New Year's Day in Trafalgar Square''New Year's Day in Trafalgar Square'

Ionut Murariu

Watford Observer: 'New year for the walnut tree''New year for the walnut tree'

Nigel Pamment

Watford Observer: 'New year, new start''New year, new start'

Patricia Smith

Watford Observer: 'My first walk this year''My first walk this year'

Tanya Solomons

Watford Observer: 'New year, new horizons (for Watford FC)''New year, new horizons (for Watford FC)'

Chris Whately-Smith

Watford Observer: 'New Year, new floods. Old Mill Road, Hunton Bridge''New Year, new floods. Old Mill Road, Hunton Bridge'