Watford General Hospital is set to host a TV series presented by Emma Willis.

The award-winning documentary 'Emma Willis: Delivering Babies' will see the TV presenter immerse herself as a maternity support worker at the hospital for its fourth series.

The six-part observational doc is to be filmed over four months, starting at the end of January.

Kelly McGovern, chief nurse for West Herts Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "We are honoured to have Emma Willis join us to highlight the exceptional dedication of maternity staff across the trust and the compassionate care they provide to parents and newborns.

"We look forward to sharing our unique story with a wider audience, showcasing the remarkable moments that unfold within the heart of our maternity ward and the care we provide in the community."

The series, jointly coordinated by Emma Willis and Firecracker Films, is to air on TV channel W and UKTV Play later in the year.

Filming will primarily take place at Watford General Hospital.

Firecracker Films also aims to feature services within the community.

Expectant parents due to give birth during the filming period and interested in being part of the series can contact the production team at Firecracker Films on 07984 033561 or email deliveringbabies@firecrackerfilms.com.