For many Cassiobury Park is the jewel in Watford's crown - a beautiful green space open year-round with tennis courts, a croquet club, cafés, a miniature railway, and a newly refurbished paddling pool.

For some, however, the park doesn't quite live up to expectation.

Whether it's the disappointment of not bumping into Elton John (yes, you read that correctly), no shops for a "thousand miles" or the desire for homes to be built on it, the park isn't for everyone.

Here are some of the bizarre/negative reviews of the park on Tripadvisor, where users gave their experience less than three stars.

'Where's Sir Elton?'

TrussReivews described it as "crap", adding: "The trees were dead and there were too many old people and this made my son depressed and I was disappointed that I did not bump into Elton John I consider this as being a given seeing as I was in Watford."

'No shops'

Meanwhile Honey B commented on Tripadvisor: "What can I really say about this?

"As a teenager we loved being able to come here and drink etc.

"Now as an adult, hearing them all having fun is just annoying.

"Also, there are no shops for a THOUSAND MILES."

'Homes instead'

Another review called for homes to be built on historic site as John W commented: "I am not a parkie person so I hate this park yes it busy in the summer months but 9 months of the year it's dead.

"Better off building homes on it."


Scott B wasn't quite so scathing in his review but did warn of the potential of bugs landing on park users.

He added: "I walked through the lovely park but I did get a tick in my leg so be careful in the long grass they are here."

These views are clearly in the minority as there are currently more than 570 five-star reviews of the Green Flag Award winning park.