A Rickmansworth mum has written a book about homelessness in children and launched a writing competition.

Caroline Boxall, an author, tutor, speaker, creative writing ambassador and mum-of-five, has penned her latest middle-grade fiction book, "The Secret Children of Mumbai", drawing from the experiences of homeless children in India.

"I was deeply moved by the work of the incredible charity 'Railway Children,'" said Ms Boxall.

"While the story is fictional, the challenges these children face are very real.".

Her aim is to create characters that resonate with young readers, focusing on resilience, courage, hope, and excitement.

Cliff-hangers are abundant to keep young minds engaged.

However, Ms Boxall's commitment to influencing the lives of children goes beyond her written words.

She is known for visiting numerous schools including Parmiter's, Northwood College, Cherry Tree Primary, and RMS.

Ms Boxall takes students on a journey through the process of brainstorming the spark of an idea, to eventually having a finished book on the shelves.

Her intention is to foster creativity and inspire children to realise the power of their voice.

"It's incredibly rewarding to connect with children about the reasons behind my stories," she shared.

"If I can touch the hearts of even a few young people, they might be inspired to make a positive difference in the world."

Adding to her arsenal of influence, Ms Boxall is no stranger to the world of competitions.

She has launched a creative writing short story competition open to children from 8-13.

The competition serves as an opportunity for kids to showcase their creativity and to be acknowledged for it.

For more information on how to join, children and their guardians can visit her website.

Ms Boxall's mission to inspire and empower continues after the last page is turned.

Commuters and townsfolk can see a large poster featuring one of her books at Rickmansworth station.