Food hygiene inspectors have told a family-run café “major improvement” is needed after giving it a 1/5 rating.

Jenny’s Café in North Watford was given the second lowest possible score following an inspection on April 9, with the result published this week.

The St Albans Road business’s manager told the Watford Observer: “We had a problem so we got 1/5 at the moment but we’ve literally been here 25 years and this is the first time we got 1/5 and it was a couple of mistakes that we made.

“But in the next three months we are going to ask for a revisit and we’ll make sure we get a 5 or 4 at least.”

The manager declined to reveal specifically what mistakes were made but said they had now been resolved.

‘Cleanliness and condition of facilities’, which includes having appropriate layout, ventilation, hand washing facilities and pest control, was rated ‘major improvement necessary’ by the inspector.

The same grade was given for ‘management of food safety’ – judging systems in place to ensure food is safe, staff know about food safety, and confidence that standards will be maintained in future.

‘Hygienic food handling’, which covers food preparation, cooking, re-heating and storage, was judged to be ‘good’.

Jenny’s Café is now one of 14 eateries in Watford with a 1/5 rating, while two have 0/5 meaning ‘urgent improvement necessary'. Sixty-five per cent of the 924 businesses are 5/5.

Mice infestation at Watford takeaway

The full 0/5 inspection report for Mr Sushi and Panda Oriental in Vicarage Road was released this week and revealed an “active infestation of mice” was found.

The rodents’ droppings were seen on a chopping board and on worktops to the rear of the kitchen, while dirt and food debris were “ingrained” in worktops, walls and floors.

Bins were also “overflowing”, there was no hot or cold water in the hand wash sink, no soap or drying facilities, and “unhygienic” power tools in the kitchen.

It is understood that the eatery has now permanently closed and a new business owner is applying to move into the unit.