As the days get longer and temperatures start to rise, nothing beats a nice long walk in the fresh outdoors.

Whether taking in the natural surroundings from wildlife, flowers and the weather or just enjoying watching the world go by, a walk seems to solve all problems.

In and around Watford, there are dozens of spots that make the perfect walking area filled with green grass and large trees.

So you don't miss out on some of the best-rated walks in the area, here are five of the best according to AllTrails. More details on each walk below can be found here.

Watford Observer: Do you have a favourite walk in Watford? Do you have a favourite walk in Watford? (Image: Getty)

5 of the best nature walks in and around Watford

Cassiobury Park and Harrocks Wood Circular

Difficulty: Moderate

Rating: 4.6

This moderate walk takes on average 1 hour 52 minutes across a circular trail reaching 7.4km.

Popular for camping, hiking, walking, biking or birding, many enjoy the solitude it offers during quiet times of the day.

The trail is open all year round and all dogs are welcome, however, they must be kept on a lead at all times.

One local who recently went on the walk shared: "Sooo many bluebells this time of year! Quite busy on a weekend. Low to zero mud but some uneven terrain."

Cassiboury Park Circular

Difficulty: Easy 

Rating: 4.4

The more simple walk of Cassiobury Park Circular is great for a short but peaceful break from the every day to day tasks.

At a length of 5.1km, the trail takes on average 1 hour 18 minutes to complete and is popular for walking, running and birding.

You'll be able to follow the Grand Union Canal and the River Gade for a length before exploring the rest of the park.

One recent explorer said: "This is a nice gentle walk that takes you through a woods and then a parkland setting. Not too difficult and paths throughout, although in wetter conditions I imagine parts of the route may be underwater."

Watford Observer: Will you be trying one of these walks?Will you be trying one of these walks? (Image: Getty)

Oxhey Woods Circular

Diffcuitlly: Easy

Rating: 4.2

Another Circular walk, the Oxhey Wood trail is 4.5km in length with an average completion time of 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Great for hiking, mountain biking, running or walking, AllTrails shares that you're unlikely to encounter others on the walk.

The walk is open all year round and dogs are welcome but as long as they are on a lead.

Oxhey Wood offers a chance to see a variety of trees and some small animals, however, due to its natural terrain, some areas could be muddy at times of the year.

One local fan said: "Very quiet path! Barely met anyone, and when I did it was already halfway through the path. Great relaxing walk for a reactive dog like mine!"

Cassiobury Park to Flaunden 

Difficulty: Hard

Rating: 4.2

The Cassiobury Park to Flaunden is one of the hardest walks on the list, with a 30.1km circular trail that takes around 8 hours and 23 minutes to finish.

It's popular for biking, running and walking and you're unlikely to meet anyone along the way.

The countryside walk takes you through farmland and woodlands as well as areas including Dolly's Wood, the River Chess, Flaunden Grove, Lower Plantation, Woodmans Wood and more.

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One keen walker said: "Lovely trail with a mix of fields, forest and the end is along the canal. Hardly any hills and the few that there are, aren’t steep.

"Think it’s listed as hard because it’s so long. We did this in 7 hours, including a 30-minute break and found it challenging in length but overall really enjoyable."

River Colne and Munden Estate Circular

Difficulty: Moderate

Rating: 3.6

Last but not least, this circular walk takes an average of 1 hour 49 minutes to complete its 5.6km length.


Discover Hertfordshire's green spaces through volunteer-led health walks

Perfect for hiking, running and walking it's open all year round and you can bring dogs on leads along too.

Through the walk, you'll explore the likes of the woodland around Mundon Estate, a trodden path alongside the river as well as some uneven land.

One fan said: "Nice walk on a sunny day. Short part has no footpath so you need to follow road (not busy though). The rural area is very nice."