Warner Bros Studio Tour London has sponsored three guide dog puppies in training and named them Harry, Ron and Hermione to mark the start of a year-long partnership with the charity Guide Dogs.

The Leavesden-based studios hope to lead the way for UK visitor attractions and encourage the industry to become more inclusive.

Through the Name a Puppy scheme, the Studio Tour has sponsored a black Labrador, yellow Labrador and a golden retriever and named them after the trio of leading characters in the iconic film series.

Watford Observer: 'Harry' checks out the Hogwarts Express at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.'Harry' checks out the Hogwarts Express at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. (Image: Warner Bros.)

Studio Tour's contribution will provide vital support for the three puppies as they embark on their remarkable journey, covering essential expenses including training, food, and veterinary care.

This support is crucial during this pivotal time in their development and journey as they aspire to become life changers.

With 250 people in the UK starting to lose their sight every day, the partnership will see the Studio Tour introduce various initiatives over the next 12 months and cement its commitment to developing inclusive policies for its team members and visitors.

Watford Observer: Guide Dog puppy Harry makes himself at home in the Great Hall.

The Studio Tour has welcomed guide and assistance dogs since they opened in 2012, with existing policies and guides in place to support those with sight loss or visual impairment, such as the availability of audio descriptive tours upon request.

Now, working closely with Guide Dogs Head of Children, Young People and Families, Kerry Kernan and head of accessibility Alex Pepper, the Studio Tour has made further improvements to its spending area - a designated toilet space for guide dogs to use outside - within the attraction grounds.

Watford Observer: The three new Guide Dog puppies sponsored by Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.The three new Guide Dog puppies sponsored by Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. (Image: Warner Bros.)

Additionally, they are working towards introducing signage iPads which team members can offer to people with a visual impairment to hold over signs and descriptions in order to magnify them.

Guide Dogs will provide the Studio Tour’s team members with online training resources to teach them best practices when helping visitors with visual impairment, which will cover topics such as how to approach someone with sight loss, navigate narrow or busy spaces, steps and doorways, where to take a seat and the best areas for guide dogs to rest within the Studio Tour.

Team members will also learn how to safely guide someone with sight loss with confidence, skill and empathy and also the power of description, and how all of the senses can be used to bring the experience to life for people with sight loss.

Geoff Spooner, SVP and general manager at Warner Bros Studio Tour London, said: “Our partnership with Guide Dogs marks our steadfast commitment to become a best practice example of accessibility for those with sight loss in UK attractions. We also hope to drive change throughout the industry that makes a real difference.”

The Studio Tour will now display Guide Dogs’ official ‘Open Doors’ stickers on its website and at key entrance points to further emphasise its commitment to supporting those visitors with sight loss or visual impairment.