Former professional ghost hunter Darren Lee Willbourne now turns ‘ghost guru’ in his newly published book, The Ghost Guru Volume 1: Steampunking the Supernatural.

The book provides a potted history of faith and belief systems, Victorian spiritualism, hypnosis and mesmerism - subject matter which is supported by narrative from Darren’s personal experiences of the supernatural.

Darren lives in Hertfordshire and has drawn upon his experiences within a paranormal context to write The Ghost Guru. He works as a professional paranormal investigator, operating events across the UK.

Currently studying for a diploma in professional hypnotherapy, he adds a constant underlying thread of self-empowerment throughout his methodology – which he sees as growing intrinsically pertinent to society today.

The Ghost Guru is available from Amazon in paperback priced £10.99 and ebook is free on Kindle Unlimited as an ebook.