Curious visitors to this year’s Chenies Manor Plant and Garden Fair might wonder where the Victorian gazebo in the grounds has suddenly appeared from.

Little do they know that as well as entering the traditional planthunters’ paradise, they will also be stepping on to a film set.

The backdrop to the annual horticultural fair – the ancient Tudor house and spectacular gardens – has been enhanced by a Victorian gazebo, built by the BBC for this autumn’s dramatisation of Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit.

Chenies is used as the location of the Meagles’ home which is described in the novel as: “a charming place (none the worse for being a little eccentric), on the road by the river. It stood in a garden... defended by a goodly show of handsome trees and spreading evergreens”. Filming at the manor started in April and the crew and cast are due to return later this summer, so the decision was made to leave the sizeable prop – which was designed and built specially for the filming – in situ.

More than 60 nurseries and specialist plant growers from all over the country will once again bring an amazing range of rare and exotic as well as traditional plants to the fair. In addition visitors will be able to view a fascinating array of decorative garden features, from sculpture and garden furniture to dovecotes and modern as well as antique garden tools.

Chenies Manor owner and head gardener, Elizabeth MacLeod Matthews, who created the fair often referred to as “the countrified Chelsea”, has this year invited more specialist growers and added a few culinary touches.

“We like to keep the fair fresh with a few new ideas, but most of our exhibitors return year after year having built up a relationship with regular customers, who expect them to be here,” she says.

Specialist growers include Fuchsiavale Nurseries from Kidderminster, an extensive range of hostas by Park Green Nurseries, Stowmarket, and Day Lilies and culinary herbs by Old Slade Nursery, Uxbridge.

Among popular returns are The Exotic Garden from Aldeburgh with a selection of bamboos, banana and olive trees, The Garlic Farm and Charmaine’s Country Collection of decorative garden and kitchen antiques.

The beautiful manor garden will be open and throughout the day there will be music, entertainment for children and refreshments served around the Barn Brasserie.

Chenies Manor Plant and Garden Fair takes place on Sunday, July 20 from 10am to 5pm.

Tickets: 01494 762888, (£2.50-£5 includes entrance to Manor Gardens)