It is easy to forget to prepare one important thing for your summer That's why we've found the best beauty products for head-to-toe care, here are our top picks...

Watford Observer:

Yes To Tomatoes, Detoxifying DIY Powder-to-Clay Peel-Off Mask, £11.99

This was my absolute favourite. It ticked all the boxes. My skin was clean and blemishes instantaneously improved. Upon removal my overall complexion was notably enhanced. My pores were decreased, elasticity improved and it looked and felt more soft and supple.

I was very impressed.


H2 Elemental Energy, Firming Foam Mask, £48

This foaming, firming mask promises “visibly brighter, firmer-looking skin” and it exceeds expectations.

This is the first ever skincare range that has been able to utilise the power of hydrogen – Lighter than air, more hydrating than water and the smallest molecule in the universe.

It was a peculiar experience, lathering on the mask and then watching it foam up and up on your skin, but once I removed it my face was incredibly firm. I could tell the elasticity had improved and my complexion was much brighter.


Watford Observer:

Bulldog Skincare, Oil Control Face Mask 100ml, £6

Many facemasks form a little dark spot around clogged pores, this one from Bulldog Skincare, however, actually creates a bubble. I surmise that the bubble is evidence of it pulling any impurities out of your pores and letting them burst out the other side of the mask, I can’t be sure. Either way my male testee praised how his skin looked and felt after just one use.


Sorbet, Salon Skin Vitamin Rescue Masque Box, £20

This mask isn’t designed to cleanse your face but to nourish it, promising to “it restores and replenishes skin as well as providing an energising glow”. With a mixture of shea butter and vitamins left my skin sumptuously soft and notably brighter with just one use.


Gazelli, Volcanic Mud Face Mask, £40

“Deeply cleansing pores, balancing sebum production and simulating collagen and elastin, the skin is instantly brightened and radiant.”

This mask is another double attack, as well as cleansing your skin and drawing out any

toxins it is packed with antioxidants and vitamins to brighten complexion.


Watford Observer:

Mad Beauty, Animal Sheet Masks, £2.99

Those animal faces are not mere packaging, the designs are on the masks themselves and so I surmise they would be fun for teenage girls as they foray into the world of face masks.

That is not to say they aren’t of a high standard, my skin was left feeling soft, nouroished and soothed from daily stresses from the calming rose water.