“One of the best pizzerias in the UK” has scooped another glowing review and provided a mouth-watering glimpse into its kitchen.

Bushey-based Vincenzo’s left a social media food reviewer howling “unbelievable Jeff” after sampling its New York-style pizza over the weekend.

Owner Tom Vincent, 41, opened in October 2022 and quickly cooked up a reputation that saw thousands “make the pilgrimage” to the High Street restaurant.​

Watford Observer: Social media food reviewer bosfinesse visiting Vincenzo's pizzeria in Bushey. Social media food reviewer bosfinesse visiting Vincenzo's pizzeria in Bushey. (Image: bosfinesse)

Food and entertainment blogger ‘bosfiness’, who has over 62,000 Instagram followers, said Vincenzo’s “is a name that echoes across the land when it comes to pizza”.

“Tom is a certified G in the game,” he wrote. “People are coming far and wide to his cute and quirky gaff. Worth it? In terms of pizza it doesn’t get much better, if not any! I travelled well over 100 miles and I could spin it back and do it all again!”

The reviewer had an 18-inch ‘Raging Hog’ – a tomato base with a blend of dry and fresh mozzarella, topped with pepperoni, Roquito peppers, parmesan, fresh basil and chilli honey.

He said: “It had a sturdy crispy base, twangy notes from the cheese and tomatoes bouncing off each other, a hint of fresh basil, and the spicy moreish hit from that chilli honey and pepperoni. Unbelievable Jeff!”

The reviewer is then seen in the kitchen to “watch the master at work”.

“This has to be one of the best pizzerias in the UK right now,” he added. “Owner and head chef Tom and his team are serving up New York-style pizzas to the local community and travelling foodies by the dozen.

“He has built a reputation for being one of the greatest pizzaiolos you can find in the whole country.”

Watford Observer: Tom Vincent, owner of Vincenzo's pizzeria in Bushey.Tom Vincent, owner of Vincenzo's pizzeria in Bushey. (Image: bosfinesse)

Tom, a former teacher at Bushey’s Queens’ School, previously told the Watford Observer he put his “heart and soul” into the independent business and revealed what makes its offering unique.

“Customers can expect a style of pizza that hasn’t been made in the UK much before and has probably disappeared from the east coast of America too,” he said.

“The main inspiration is the coal oven pizza, which predates the mass-produced American stuff that most people think of when they think of New York pizza.”

Coal oven pizzas differ from the wood fire ones in the UK and Italy, with the pizza “a little more charred and crispy than most other pizzas, while still being fresh and juicy”, Tom said.

Watford Observer: Vincenzo's owner Tom Vincent.Vincenzo's owner Tom Vincent. (Image: Vincenzo's)