Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, and Blur; just three to the fantastic acts due to appear at this weekend’s Glastonbury Festival.

It’s a line-up that makes the shock inclusion Watford trio The Staves all the more impressive.

For some four years now the sisters have been making some beautiful music together; welding stirring, haunting melodies with some truly show-stopping harmonies.

It’s a sound that’s won them many local admirers since they first stepped nervously onto The Horns open mic stage those many months ago. It’s fair to say, however, that their forthcoming appearance on Glastonbury’s Croissant Neuf stage on Sunday, is their biggest break yet. More importantly, however, it’s a break they thoroughly deserve.

“It actually came a bit out of the blue,” explains big sister Emily Stavely-Taylor.

“It came through a friend of Jess’s [sister number three] who passed our Myspace details onto the organisers.

“It means a lot to us that they liked our stuff enough to ask us to play. But I really thought it was a joke when they called to tell us we were on – but obviously it wasn’t.”

Indeed, the next few weeks could be very important indeed in the career of what remains a pretty unique act – Glastonbury or no Glastonbury.

Only tomorrow the girls will be appearing at the Sound City industry showcase in Liverpool, another massive event stuffed full-to –bursting point with industry execs ready to snap up any such outstanding acts. They’ll also be playing a second audition to Island Records in a bid to win their 50th anniversary competition for a recording contract.

“It’s all coming together for us just at the right time,” adds Emily, “Things haven’t been so easy in the last year because Jess (sister number 3) has been away at university but we’re really excited about the next few weeks. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping something big comes out of it.

“We really think we’ve got something unique to offer because we’re a bit unusual. “Four guys and a guitar are dime a dozen these days three girls all singing together is still pretty unusual – especially sisters.”

Casting aside my hat of impartiality I’ve got to say I agree wholeheartedly. These girls are something very special indeed when playing live; tossing the odd 60s inspired cover here and there alongside a growing own-brand, acoustic set. Forget the Sugar Babes, the Pussy Cat…whatever they ares…..these girls have got a genuine and unique talent.