Watford will not be brought into Zone 6 that would have seen train fares slashed by half.

Confirmation came from Transport for London (TfL) after the government rejected calls to hold an independent review as part of a bid to bring Watford and Bushey train stations under Zone 6.

Responding to the parliamentary call from Wera Hobhouse MP, Richard Holden MP, Department for Transport minister, added: “Transport in London is devolved and is the responsibility of the Mayor of London and Transport for London, this includes their zoning policy.” Watford Observer: Wera Hobhouse MP Wera Hobhouse MP (Image: Jess Taylor/Reuters)

TfL was asked where it stands on the possibility of including Watford Junction, Watford High Street and Bushey railway stations, as well as Watford Underground station into Zone 6.

A spokesperson said: "TfL has no plans to make changes to the zoning of any stations in the TfL network. 

“The mayor is committed to keeping London’s fares as affordable as possible, while still ensuring TfL can continue to run clean, green and safe services and support London’s continued economic recovery, with pay as you go on Oyster and contactless making it easy for customers to pay.”

The spokesperson added that customers can use the Hopper fare for buses, as well as daily and weekly fare capping, alongside a wide range of travel concessions.

Ms Hobhouse referred to the zoning of the Watford and Bushey stations as an “absurd anomaly”.

The current Zone 6 boundary includes Elstree and Borehamwood, Hatch End and Epping, which lies outside of the M25 in Essex.

Watford Observer: Watford Liberal Democrats believe Watford and Bushey stations should be in Zone 6 as is Elstree and Borehamwood Watford Liberal Democrats believe Watford and Bushey stations should be in Zone 6 as is Elstree and Borehamwood

According to 2022-23 Oyster and contactless pricing, a journey from Watford Junction to Euston costs £11.20.

Under the current fare structure, moving the town into Zone 6 would slash the fare to £5.50.

Ms Hobhouse labelled the current fair for Watford and Bushey commuters as “unfair”.

Watford Observer: Nascot Councillors Mark Hofman and Tom Osborn Nascot Councillors Mark Hofman and Tom Osborn (Image: Watford Liberal Democrats)

Her call comes as cross-party politicians called for the Watford and Bushey train stations to move into zone 6 before the ULEZ expansion comes into place.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Mark Hofman, who has been working with Ms Hobhouse to raise the issue, said by not changing the zones it will be harder for people to commute on public transport which will help bring down harmful climate changing carbon emissions.