People living on a Watford housing estate have threatened to boycott paying their service charges after claiming they are only receiving "half a service".

Paul Reuben, who lives in Silas Court, in the old British Waterways building off Church Road, Watford, claims the company responsible for managing the apartment building has "constantly ignored his countless complaints and broken many of their promises".

The 38-year-old said during the two and a half years he has lived in Lockhart Road, there has been six floods in the building’s basement.

He also said that many residents had suffered the theft of their bicycles, including his own, and that he often finds people sleeping on a sofa in the lobby.

Mr Reuben said: "They somehow get in and are probably drunks sleeping the night off.

"Living here has been a nightmare from the word go. I will now pay half of the service charge because I am only receiving half the service."

He currently pays an annual £1,100 service charge for his one bedroom flat and is encouraging other residents to boycott the charge. He says his campaign is getting widespread support from his neighboiurs.

Leah Delisle-Barrow, from OM Property Management, which is responsible for Silas Court, said the floods were caused by a pump station failure which was repaired at no cost to the residents.

Blockages of non-degradable items and fat have also lead to flooding.

She said that the security of the block had been addressed following the thefts and unwelcome visitors sleeping in the lobby.

Ms Delisle-Barrow said: "The residential blocks have secure entrances, but access is open to the development from a conservation area that is a public open space.

"We have upgraded security by installing cameras and additional digital locks.

"After the bike store was forcibly entered 18-months ago, the door was repaired and strengthened with additional locks.

"To date we have had no reports of further thefts from the bike store."

The company has raised its concerns about crime in the area with the police on behalf of residents on several occasions.

Mr Reuben claims he has made countless complaints to OM Property Management, but they have fallen on deaf ears.

He said: "Again they made broken promises and nothing has changed. My biggest bugbear is making complaints and them not being followed up. "I am constantly being made to feel perpetually conned and mugged."

Ms Delisle-Barrow said the company has been responding to Mr Reuben’s concerns on a regular basis.