A woman from Sarratt wrote suicide notes to those closest to her, including an apology note to her landlord, before taking her own life.

Joanna Brodrick, 42, was found in her car outside her home in Sarratt Road on June 25.

An inquest at Hertfordshire Coroners Court in Hatfield heard that a lethal quantity of the beta-blocker drug Propranolol was found in her body along with a small amount of the anti-depressant Citalopram.

Ms Brodrick’s landlord became worried about her welfare when he returned home from holiday and could not find her.

He went into her room and found several notes, including one to her mother.

In a note addressed to him, Ms Brodrick apologised for taking her own life and the work he would have to do to sort everything out.

He went outside to see her lying across the back seat of her car, which was parked about 30 metres from the house.

Police later discovered a bottle a bottle of wine in the front passenger seat foot well.

Edward Thomas, the coroner for Hertfordshire, said: “She comes across as a lovely person who had a lot of time for everybody.

“It is clear that she had a deep regard for her friends.

“She had a lot of time for a lot of people but there was sadness within.”

Mr Thomas concluded that Ms Brodrick had taken her own life.

He said: “The note to her mother made it very clear that she knew what she was doing.”

Although an explanation of why she took her life was in the suicide notes, Mr Thomas decided that the details should remain private to those they were addressed to.